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Wines and grappa

Muschi Ati

Our wines

Our vineyards have a maximum yield of 45 quintals of grape per hectare which make 250 hectolitres of wine at each harvest, for a total amount of 20,000 bottles. We produce 6 Tuscan IGT wines and one Montecucco DOC. It is possible to organize tasting tours of our wines in the cellar at the request of the customer.

Muschi Ati

Our grappa

Although grappa can't share the same long-standing reputation with excellent Italian wines, the first written records of its production date back to the fifteenth century. Long gone misunderstood and considered as a coarse brandy for unrefined palates, grappa has recently taken its revenge thanks to new distillation technologies, and to the rigorous selection of high-grade ingredients. Grappa Silvottone is obtained from our Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon fresh grape pomace in order to preserve all fruity notes, aromas, and hidden fragances. A short refinement period in oak barrels (6 months) helps maintaining the initial crispness and character of the distillate, as well as developing hints of almond and honey, and a pale golden color.