Our wines are produced in the famous region of the Montecucco DOC area. The grapevines are grown on the gentle slopes of the ancient Etruscan hilltop towm Rusellae. The selction is so severe that we produce just one bottle per vine a year. A judiciuos pruning in the winter, when the vines are dormant, together with the stripping of out of excess bunches of grapes at the beginning of summer allow the concentratuion of aroma, flavor and varietal character thus resulting in high quality wines.

Silvottone is a monovarietal Sangiovese, smooth and full of fruity aroma. A wine which accompanies well dishes of red meat, game and cheese.

Sangiovese 100%

Intense ruby red, clear, brilliante.

To the nose the aroma opnes with hints of Mediterranean macchia, licorice, blackberry and blueberry.

Round, generous, with fruity notes, velvety, dry and persistent.

Ottonelli is a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon combining perfectly the typical notes of Sangiovese with the intense fruit of Cabernet Sauvignon. It maintains a fragrance which evokes the typical fresh terpenic charcater of the aromatic grapes.

Sangiovese (60%) Cabernet Sauvignon (40%)

Colour: ruby re, intense and brilliant, withlight purple tints

Aroma: fruity, with hints of cherry and ripe red and black wild berries

Taste: full body, excellent balance of freshness and acidity. Plenty of tannins but not aggressive. A distinctive aftertaste with matching nose.